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Michael Arimieye
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On the 16th of May, in the year 1994, I was born into a world where life seems to be a mystery and things continue to startle you as one goes on a different life journey from others, and perhaps when you learn about the ugly sides of your famous or infamous childhood. This is my story.
My mother Mrs. Afani had given up all hope of having at least another child after my older brothers Henry, John and Victor. My birth should have been somewhat of a joy to my mom, but perhaps my journey didn’t start well as the youngest child of the family! In the year I was born, a flood disaster ravaged my town, Tungbo in Sagbama L.G.A, Bayelsa state, Nigeria. The rainy season was quite excessive that year. Crops my mom had on her farms were all destroyed and we were left with nothing! My mom had a miscarriage before my birth. And had a breakthrough at last when I was born. I was named ‘Princewill’ by my parents. My mom said it was miracle! But was she hoping for a girl? Perhaps yes. In my family there is not a single female! But she had to accept what God has offered to her! God is the giver of children. If she had gone for a scan she would have indeed known right from time. But she was too poor to afford scanning bills by then. My mom gave birth to me in the night.

My mom was out of work then. My mom would go out to the forest to hustle. Sometimes to the river, brooks, swamps, and lakes for fishing. She would come home with plenty of fish at times. She also caught turtles and snails. I remember my mom telling me that she used to eat lots of turtle during her pregnancy or when she was still having me in her womb. I don’t know what impact it has on me. Some say that’s why I’m slow in nature. Funny enough!

I began to grow up. Not barely up to nine months old, I was attacked by measles! My mom never thought I would survive from that horrible condition, even my dad Mr. Tonkiri. At some point when my condition became so critical my parents were panicked, because they were losing me slowly! But God always has His way on mankind. One faithful morning, when my dad made arrangements to take me to the hospital at Sagbama. My mom just took me in her hands and they both started out. She described me as being a lizard figure because I was so small and thin! On their way she was crying on the road. People asked her what was wrong. She could not tell anyone. All she could say was, she would go anywhere with her child (me) until I give up because she didn’t want to watch me die at home. 

My dad was trying to arrange for a vehicle when luckily a man named Bossman saw them (us) and asked what was wrong and they told him they were about taking me to the hospital. He insisted that they should stop walking around with me in that state. He told them that if they took me to the hospital and I happened to be given an injection, I would just die! So he took me from my parents to his house and laid me on a bed. No child could come close to me. I was separated from the rest of the little children around, because it is believed to have a transmission effect on free children from those with the disease. The man asked my dad to buy some tobacco stuff and alcohol and he did. Then the man took the tobacco stuff and robbed it on my body and poured some alcohol on it! Oh how I felt! Can’t remember how I felt, because I was a baby! Poor me I never stopped crying with my eyes closed because I could not open my eyes during that period. I slept for three days under his care. And that’s how I recovered from the measle attack! Imagine the joy on my parents, recovering from the pain of losing their child! They and of course me have only God and the man to thank!

Soon I began to grow conscious about the world I was born in. Between 1998-1999, I remember how the ex-federal government Gen. Olusengun Obasanjo had two communities in Bayelsa state, Odi and Kiama (in Kolokuma-Opokuma L.G.A) burnt down. I was very little then (still a kid). I did hear the gun shots from my community, the grenades and heavy armoured car bomb blasts! We were all terrified (including me)! And we prayed that it should not come to our community! I remember in 1999, my mom fled with us to the neighboring (her) village southwards, Bulou-Orua but my dad refused to come with us. We stayed there for a while until the attacks died down.

I was five years old when I started class one in Primary school. But before then I remember when my mom used to make tutorial classes with children. She was a school teacher before she lost the job. The government terminated her job because she had not gone to National Teacher’s Training Institute to obtain her N.C.E certificate. She initially got the job with her Senior Secondary certificate on her first appointment. By the time I started school she regained her job as a classroom teacher and taught in then Community Primary School Tungbo when she had her N.C.E certificate. She had tutorials at home. I was taught at home by my mom and knew how to read and write numerics and alphabets somehow using chalk and slate before starting school. She bought alphabetical and numerical charts and hung them on the wall. But I got bored at some point. My mom would force me to join the children she was having the tutorials with who were my seniors. I never wanted to attend because I felt at home too much and was lazy!

The colour of my school uniform was a white shirt and green shorts. I was taught the same things and did well in the exams. I can’t remember the position I took in class one, but in class two I took number 5. We were merged with the Government Comprehensive Secondary School during my class one. My dad was the Headmaster of the Primary School. I never used to attend classes because I always ran out of classes to stay with my dad in the office, and he never drove me away too! One year later, in 1999, the state government built a new Primary School for the community and we were no longer merged with the Secondary. So we occupied the new bulidings. That same year the government established another Primary school in the community by changing the name of an old school from ‘Better Life School’ (headed by then principal Mrs.Timi) to Community Primary School II. So my school became Community Primary School I. When the buildings were on, one of the contractors Eng. Raymond, the son of Late Rear Admiral Soroh Ebipadei, was my very good friend. He was a half-cast because his mom was a white. I used to play around his car often with my friend (but sometimes alone), and he used to yell at me. He often said “this boy you no dey hear word for afternoon!” But he was very nice. He did take us in his 505 Peugeot car and gave us sandwiches while driving to his house and back to school. I really had fun. But after the building projects were completed, I never saw him again. And right now I believe he would not recognize me again and would not even remember those things he did.

In 2001 when I got to class three, my mom taught me again in school. I began to read books and became a sound reader and would pronounce most words, but not perfect. My teachers, including my mom and others used to teach only three subjects, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. I disliked Mathematics then, although wasn’t that bad in it. I took number one position in class three. I remember how I felt relaxed because my mom had already told me my position at home, but I was only eager for the results to be announced! When my dad who was the Headmaster announced the results, I scored 100 in both Mathematics and English, and then 95 in General Knowledge. I felt like a hero because it was something new to become champion of your class! 

My mom taught me in classes four, and five too. I took number one position from class four to six too. And I was made the regulatory prefect in class six. I was never good in sports nor athletics. But the only thing I was good at was match parades! I was usually selected in a group to represent my school during Independence Day celebrations. There was a particular event called “Prize-giving Day” that I represented my school and was awarded the most valuable matcher at the event. My brother Henry when he was working as a teacher at the Community Primary School II Tungbo, during inter-house sports rehearsals, used to invite me to teach his group on matching activities. I could be in class six by then. Even during my Secondary school time, I was a public figure on matching activities but so lazy in sports!

My dad is very nice. He has discipline for children. He used to flog his pupils/students very well. My friends especially Frank and Kennedy would often call and ask me jokingly, “did you know that your father used to beat us very harshly in school while he was a Headmaster? Your father is a wicked man!” But my simple reply to them was, “why would my dad or any teacher beat his student just for no reason if he/she had not done anything wrong?” My dad is outspoken in nature and a tolerant of no-nonsense. He exercises authority or used to be bossy a lot. His friends and neighbors did nickname him ‘American’ because of his quiet nature and the way he approaches life seemed cool! My dad did buy me lots of toys to play with and Christmas gifts-of course that’s the way with so many parents! 

My dad used to pay his staff at home. I remember when its time to pay salaries, my dad would go to the bank and come back with a ‘ghana-must-go’ sac bag filled with Nigerian currency. He would send for a school’s messenger to call his staff in their respective homes one by one, and they would all gather in my dad’s house and would receive their cash. I used to watch too. I remember crying and pestering my dad and asked him “daddy, won’t you pay me my own salary too?” Everyone got amused and laughed. Then he gave me twenty naira and said “alright, enough, take, thats your salary!” And I was happy and ran off to show my mom and my brothers. 

I began to grow in a town where there was constant terror of robbery incidents that filled the hearts of people. People could not even walk openly on the streets, nor travel comfortably. How terrible it was! I was seven years old then. Late Opukeme Koropei and his gang were the terrorists that continued to terrify my community. They would arm themselves and go to neighboring towns to rob. He became notorious and nefarious among the people in the town about his activities, but people could not dare do otherwise to bring him to justice because of fear for their lives. In late 2001, our home was victimized of a disguised robbery invasion. One faithful night around 2 am, we were all sleeping in our room (me and my brothers Henry, John and Victor), then all of a sudden we woke up and heard my dad screaming aloud and crying for help! We heard sharp noises of someone cutting a wood! Then our mom who was sleeping with him in his bedroom, appeared in our room and alerted us that robbers were cutting our dad into pieces with machetes! We were all shocked and confused! But we couldn’t do anything! So she held our hands and we walked robotic on the floor without making any noise and found ourselves outside before we fled into town. Getting into the middle of town my mom screamed (town cried) and awoke people by saying, “Wuwuwuwuwu……….Tungbo otu! Tungbo otu! Pagha pagha eyi ke pai me eeeeeeee! Tungbo otu arm robber ama ke bemi be Tonkiri ki bai me eeeeee! Tonkiri kamo ki bai me eeeeee!” People started coming out of their houses and filled the road! Then we went to our uncle’s house, Daniel. He and his wives Lillian, Eselema-ere, and Amerigha all came out including their children (my cousins). They were all shocked when my mom told them what was happening. They said, “so we are all going to be invaded by armed robbers and get killed ehn!” Oh really it is something rare that has happened o! So our in-law is currently being butchered by armed robbers ehn God! Na wa ooooo!!”

Some people started coming out with machetes and guns. Among them was Russia a hunter in the community. He brought out his rifle. My dad’s late friend Mr. Baro James and his family also came out. The road was crowded with people. We were all standing on the major road and people were delibrating on a rescue mission, when all of a sudden we heard two gun shots! The sight was a brightening light that filled our compound according to people! I didn’t see it. We were all in anguish. People who saw it screamed “ah ah, aaaah, they’ve indeed shot the man dead oo! Oh what a poor man! Oh Tonkiri, is it you that is really dead? What a world we’re living in now?”

At last everyone accepted defeat and gradually people started going home. We went back to our uncle’s house and sat down weeping. But one strange thing we found out was that Henry was not with us! We went out to look for him. It was around 3 am, low and behold my dad showed up in my uncle’s house! They shouted “ghost! ghost!” But my dad calmed them down that it was his real body that they were seeing. They were shocked! Then he asked them, “what about my wife and children? Where are they?” They replied him, “Your wife and your children are close by around.” Then he looked for us and when we saw him, (oops!) It was a miracle! We ran to him and embraced him! We screamed “is this really you?” He replied “yes its me!” We asked him “we thought you were dead! We looked around his body and did not see a scratch! We were all amazed but very filled with joy! While all that was going on, he noticed that Henry was not with us. He asked us, “where is Henry?” But we replied “we don’t know where Henry is now. We have been looking around for him too but maybe he could have been lurking from behind and lost track when we first ran out of the house to seek help!” But surprisingly my brother was still within the compound! He saw the gun shots which had the whole area brightened up, but he was hiding under some Ixora flower in the compound and was praying silently for God to take control (filled with much anointing I must say!). After when he noticed that the situation died down, when he could not hear the screaming any longer, he came out. He never knew his father was still alive!

We stayed in my uncle’s house for a while. More people started coming out again almost the full community! Everyone was surprised to see my dad alive with no wound on his body! There was noise all over like a market scene. Around 4 am, our compound was clear now. There was no sign of any robber disguised in black overalls and face masked armed with machetes and guns! My dad took us home and we were accompanied by some group of people from the community. Everyone was jubilant and singing songs to thank God! On reaching home, my dad thanked everyone of them that showed concern about the incident, then he told us the story.

He said, he and my mom were sleeping in the room, then all of a sudden he heard a noise on the door linking to the passage. He got up from bed and looked at the clock and it was around 2 am. So he went out to check what was wrong. As soon as he opened the door he just saw a young lad on black and face-masked raise his machete and was about cutting him! He quickly bent over the first attempt and ran to an empty room screaming, and the lad followed him to the room. He laid on the floor and just quickly grabbed a condemned old chair that was there, and immediately the lad started butchering! He was screaming at the top of his voice and pleading “oh what have I done wrong naaaaaa? Please why are you killing me? Oh no please stop! God is this how I’m going to die? What about my family (my wife and kids)? If I die who will take care of them?  He was screaming and at the same time using the chair to defend himself from the lad who was attempting to murder him! Meanwhile, the lad didn’t realize that he was cutting wood! The sound did not get to his ear or never mattered to him perhaps-it was just God’s miracle!

Meanwhile another entered the room because they came in groups. Some where standing outside to lay ambush at the backyard. They forced through the shit back door. My mom (told us after) was helpless, and the one who entered the room was about butchering her when she cried and pleaded “what have I done wrong that you want to kill me like this? I’m just a helpless woman! If you kill my husband and also kill me, what will happen to the children? Eeehn, who will take care of them? Don’t you pity me? ” Maybe the second lad felt quite compassionate, because their sole aim was to murder my dad! That’s all! No looting, just murder! His hand was lowering gradually, and my mom quickly adjusted herself to the door leading to the sitting room and ran towards our room where me and my brothers were sleeping and informed us what was happening. So that was how we fled! My older brother John tried to take a different cut running towards our neighbour’s house late Mrs. Ekuwere and to the major road when suddenly he saw another group (a dark image of a guy flaunting his machete) carrying out a swift operation in her house (we were told). So he quickly changed his direction and ran back to us and we got to the road.

My dad screamed until he became weak. His throat dried up and he could not be heard anymore. It was dark and the lad attempting to murder him could not detect whether he was cutting a human being or a dead wood! Its all God’s miracle! After he was rest assured that he had seriously wounded my dad, he felt he had left him for dead, so he left him! And the rest of the group outside shot in the air! My dad laid helpless and weak on the floor. Then after a while he knew that they had left. He quickly got up and ran to our room and shouted our names, but he did not hear a reply nor could he find us! Then he thought to himself “could it be that they’ve taken my wife and children hostage or have they killed them and abandoned them somewhere?” He took a machete and started out and looked for us until he got to the road where we were and found us. My brother Henry who was hiding inside the flowers came to the road too. There everyone of us met! 

My half brother Earnest (whom my dad begat with his ex-wife Faith) and another of his ex-wife Doris and her children froze like dead dogs in their rooms and never came out until the whole situation was cleared! We could no longer sleep because of fear and it was already dawn. So after my dad finished telling what happened the crowd left. In the morning more people all over the community started visiting our house and it was filled up again! He told them the story and it was an old chair he wanted to throw away, after replacing all the old furniture with new ones, but later kept in an empty room out of divine wisdom from God, that kept him alive! But surprisingly among them was the nefarious late Opukeme, the leader of the same gang that attacked him (us) the previous night! He must have heard that my dad was still alive and came to congratulate him and even shook hands with him! Of course everyone knew it was him and his gang that attempted the murder! And he did confess with his own mouth too! Oh my God! Unbelievable! He saw that he was healthy and was amazed so as everyone around. We also heard about our neighbour’s incident which occurred on the same night. Later on after some years, nemesis caught up with Opukeme that he and his gang were involved in a shoot out with the state police after they were caught in their robbery activities. He was eventually shot dead by the police in his own compound (after they went for him to arrest him after the government’s order). So he died. And most of his gangsters were arrested and imprisoned. My dad told us that before the incident he had gone to Opukeme’s house at some point in time and gave him some piece of advice (quoting scriptures even) for him to quit robbing, and according to him Opukeme laughed over it and was playful.

So life went on and we continued to live as one family. Before the inicident, my dad had bought a lester generator which was capped with celebration. At that time our street road was very bad, especially during rainy seasons. My dad arranged for kernel shells to be poured on the road, then he mobilized young people to help convey the engine by hand-pulled wooden truck from the major road. He also bought a new colour television set, a Panasonic CD player and a video cassette player, after ditching the two-door black and white television set and old turntable record players. The debut movie I watched at home was ‘Holy Crime.’ I remember before that time when I used to watch a television screen without image display! My brothers would turn the antenna outside until shrinking mild images would appear! I remember during the African Cup of Nations in 2002 (didn’t know then), we would go out to one public cenema hall owned by my uncle Edisemi (porpularly known as Disco) with black and white television set too, I saw a shrinking image of former Super Eagles player Austin Jay-Jay Okocha! People used to jump up to their feet and chanted his name! But as time went on I started watching colour television when my uncle Bruce Ogbo had a cenema hall. We used to watch Hollywood and Nollywood movies like one I remember watching at time was ‘End of the wicked’. Then one Hollywood movie I also remember watching was ‘Jack the giant killer’ at Jackson Amabebe’s house.

I was told that I loved to play with electronics when I was very little. And one incident that happened was that she looked for me around most parts of the community while I was playing secretly with Jackson’s radio player! She looked for me from one house to another, but finally found me in that house because she got a clue from people that I was very good friends with Jackson and always loved to flirt around him! She and Jackson found me in his house and they were amazed and laughed at how I broke into his house at a small age! My mom tried to pull me home but I cried. But she did afterwards.

My mom often took us to her community Bulou-Orua, where we usually spend time with my late grandfather Pa Obiri Asonfa. Sometimes we would go to help look after his wife’s shop-our step grandmother  Fainti (my grandmom which is my mom’s mother had died long ago even before my eldest brother Henry was born. We never knew her). Other times we would help her work in her farms too. One faithful incident I witnessed in the year 2002, was that we went for a burial/wake keep ceremony of my grandfather brother’s mother. Most of my mom’s brothers and sisters and their friends came around too. Late chief Tuoma Obiri also came around. He came with lots of money and had the arrangements to establish his own company in Bayelsa state. He was working in one of the beverage brand companies in Lagos, Nigeria. He was the wealthiest in the family and we all looked up to him as a model. I never knew him then. I did see him for the first time. However tragedy loomed afterwards! We went before the day for the ceremony, likewise my late uncle. 

Then in the morning he and his company woke up including other of my uncles Barr. Bai (resident then), Luka (residing in Port-Harcourt by then) and Victor Obiri (resident), and were freshening up. My mom was washing clothes on the river bank, and I was sitting outside of my grandfather’s house with my brother Victor. My grandfather’s two houses were parallel toward each other (one at one end and the other) leaving the centre free as a field and are close to the river side. People gathered outside in the center (field) and some were facing the river, when all of a sudden a gun shot from a pistol was heard! Immediately we heard screams! Some blood splashes stained or spotted my clothes! It all happened so quickly that before I realized what was happening, I saw my uncle late Tuoma laying on the ground close to where my brother Victor and I was sitting wallowing in his pool of blood! It was his own cousin Chief Asaperemor a police officer who claimed to have been testing his pistol shot him whether accidentally or not on the chest! The bullet penetrated his body and burst out through the back! Did he shoot in the air? I don’t know! If he did, it wouldn’t have landed on someone’s body! 

We watched him lay helpless on the ground wallowing in his pool of blood, people were crying and others rushed him into a boat and paddled across to his Toyota pick-up van (at that time there was no bridge and the community was not accessible by road). My uncle Luka drove the van after passing my community Tungbo and mid way to Sagbama he gave up and died! Too sad to see our role model die helplessly just like that and in the hands of his own cousin who might have had a grudge against him perhaps! Later that same night the other corpse for the burial ceremony was brought and done, but nobody was in a happy mood! Everyone was down and saddened at the loss of one of the greats in the family-my uncle late chief Tuoma. He was buried that same year in November. And his cousin chief Asaperemor who shot him surrendered himself and was imprisoned. My uncle Barr. Bai was part of the court case that convicted him and acted as a prosecuting lawyer.

Time flew and in 2004, I was in Junior Secondary one by then and eleven years old, when my dad bought his first car which was a white coloured Peugeot 405. We were very happy! Before it my dad used to ride on an old modeled motorcycle that was even made an object of ridicule by some people in the community. He bought another before finally the car. He bought this car and you know what happens to a learner all the time! He used to crash into gutters and people would pull out the car, after he must have inserted a jacker or lifter under. In November that year my dad was involved in a fatal car crash, but survived it!

One morning (he told us after), he wanted to go Ugheli with his car. But in the morning he found a strange appearance on his car bonnet, images of animal footprints stamped all over! His mind was divided. He washed the car and later went after praying. My mom too did have a terrible dream about my dad the previous night but she wasn’t able to tell him before he travelled! On his return from Ugheli on the highway, my dad who had not understood how to drive on potholes (because the East-West road was very bad by then), tried to dodge a large pothole when the breaks failed and his car tumbled down a lengthy steep slope! People witnessed it and were screaming! Going down the slope, my dad never realized himself. He was confused! Then he shouted “God is it me? Is this how I’m going to die? What about my family, my children? Who will look after them when I’m gone?” 

The car balanced on the ground and the roof, bonnet and the glasses were smashed, but my dad was untouched! He sat on the seat as he was but remained unconscious for a while. Later when he felt consciousness, he tried to pull the door and come out but couldn’t. Witnesses came around and helped him out of the car, and some even said “aaah oga you get luck o. God love you well well o! Na God save you o!” He checked himself and found no wound and had just God Almighty to thank for saving his life from that fatal accident! When he came home depressed and told us about the incident, I remember telling him “daddy don’t worry, this wont be your last car! You will buy many more cars at will!” He pulled me to his side and gave me a comforting smile and said, “I know my son, thanks a lot for your encouraging words! ” Many others have died like that but his was a miracle! 

I remember being around eight to nine years old, being filled with the Holy Spirit I used to preach as a child on the veranda of our house! I did stand a chair and mounted stools upon another on it and that was my pulpit! Then I would read the scriptures aloud and explained them without making references from any other material, it was my own self! People who heard outside (some passers by) would be amazed. Even a pastor Sylvester of the Assemblies of God Church who lived close to my church but normally passes by our house would hear me preaching and sometimes stood for a while a listened! He called my mom and told her “mmmm, this your son is something else o! If he grows like this ehn he’ll be a very good preacher!” My mom would laugh! I used to have fellowship with my uncle’s family Bruce and his wife! I used to emulate Pastor W.F. Kumuyi the general overseer of Deeper Life Bible Ministries!

The rest of some of my childhood stories was told by my mom, but in some I still remember my experiences about them! My church and the Deeper Life Bible Church used to have combined fellowships during the town’s festive periods starting from October the 19th and ends on the 21st. At that time the Christians from both churches in the community gathered together and agreed that they hold their own festival program and called it ‘Jesu Oge.’  The program was usually held at the Government Comprehensive Secondary School. I remember during one year’s meeting, I could still be around five or six years old. We were all assembled in one room praying when all of sudden I disappeared-something called me outside! My mom told me that one strange woman who wasn’t welcomed (some believed her to be a witch), just entered the room and demonstrated as if she was looking for something. She did that close to where me and my mom was and she left like in an abrupt manner! My mom wondered what the woman came there to do, because she saw her with half-opened eyes! Then suddenly I felt like going outside! I began to run towards the door! My mom tried to pull me back but was struggling. Quickly she tapped her neighbour sitting next to her Mrs. Alamene (the wife of the pastor of Deeper Life Bible church who was also the principal of the Secondary School), the they both saw my behaviour and were surprised. Before they knew I escaped from the room. They opened their eyes and could not find me! Suddenly both women were terrified and wondered where did go to. But they looked out through the window and saw me walking towards the stream. Quickly they rushed outside and grabbed me! I was still struggling and was pushing for the water! Then they both prayed “Princewill, whatever thing that is calling you inside this water we bind it in the name of Jesus!” Of course this was becoming more of a spiritual battle! Then they grabbed me inside. This time they started praying with one eye opened watching me and held my two hands at both ends. But I kept struggling and got out of their sight. Before they realized I was gone out of reach. My mom thought I was still around!

I found myself outside and went to the school’s football field, after crossing a tiny foot bridge across a small stream, and played there alone for a while. Never knew what attracted me there nor could I remember what I was doing! But I remember all of a sudden two big dogs appeared before me, one brown and the other black! I never saw where they came from. Immediately I was terrified because I used to get terrified by dogs! (I used to get chased by dogs. I’m always a fast runner when chased by animals but slow at normal pace!) Then I screamed and ran towards the bridge. They followed me! Never knew how I got to the bridge! I made some quick few steps on the bridge and they followed too. But they came very close, and I got scared. Each time I made one step and would turn back and startle at them, then they paused and drifted backwards. I looked at the water and the current was alarming! I was scared of falling off and getting drowned in the water. The palm logged-bridge was slippery because it rained that day (it was rainy season), So I managed to take one step at a time and turned back to startle at them, and that was how I managed to cross the bridge. As soon as I crossed the bridge I screamed “mama o! mama o! mama o! mama o!” and ran towards the room where the service was going on and entered the room!

When my mom saw me she yelled at me and asked me where I had been all the while. Then pastor James Ombuku who was part of the program came out of one room in which he spent his quiet time praying. He called my mom and told her that while he was praying there, he saw me but none of the rest was aware of the battle I was facing on the bridge against those dogs! He told my mom that he prayed for me fervently for God to intervene, but could not come out because he was scared of water too and could not swim! He exclaimed “this your son is very brave o! I saw everything that happened! Your son fought a spiritual battle! I believe God is with your child, if not you wouldn’t have been with him now, because he would have fallen off the bridge and got drowned in the stream!” He added that she should have only God to thank for rescueing me. When my mom heard of his confession she went emotional and immediately gave a testimony in the presence of the congregation and everyone was shocked!

So many things happened to me as a child. I cannot tell of all my experience as a child, it will be too exhausting! I used to get bullied in class when I was a child. Some of my mates would ask me arrogantly “are you the only one whose mother is a teacher? Because our mothers are not teachers, is that why you would go to her all the time and report everything that happens to you in class?” All this happened to me because of my small stature, and I was equally the least in my class in terms of maturity (age). But no one could doubt my potentials academically. All my teachers loved me and I was a public figure in the school. My reading prowess was known. I used to be selected for quiz and debate competitions. But I used to go to school late and was lazy to work during labour hours! I hated labour time! My mom used to back me up because she used her status as a teacher to permit me from work and not being flogged for going late to school. However, that wasn’t the case all the time! Sometimes the day my mom didn’t go to school, they would use that opportunity to deal with me!

I assure you all my childhood was fun most times, and when I try to recollect most of my deeds and experiences that gave me joy, I just wish I could go back to my childhood and remain a child forever! I remember the toys I used to play with-toys my dad bought for me, my art works, and playmates I used to have, or the Christmas periods, about the new clothes and the rice and chicken stew I used to eat, they were all happy days! Only time will permit me to exhaust my childhood days! 


Fisheries Consultant, Member, Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON), Writer at Africana League and Ambassador, Pan African Institute for Global Affairs and Strategy (PAIGAS).

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  1. It’s amazing how you’ve become so good in writing after all. Most of those stories you even recounted, I barely remember now being your elder May God bless the work of your hands and brain and take you higher to where you didn’t imagine .

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  2. Thanks for the memory, I remember the period. I have being to Tungbo a couple of times in the past 4 years. I’m pretty sure u r no longer in tungbo, hopefully I’d get to see u again soon.

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